MD Consultores, Lda

MD Consultores is a Mozambican private company composed of Mozambican shareholders. The company was established in 2001 and is essentially to provide management consulting services of companies and organisations, as well as information systems management services. In addition to management to that, it does provide other services, including training.

In terms of management consultancy, the company focus and specialises in the fields of strategic planning, financial management, marketing, project monitoring and evaluation as well as organisation and structuring of corporations, social, and non-profit organizations. These services are provided both on the basis of short term contracts and medium and long term technical assistance contracts.

In the area of management of information systems, MD Consultores is a Service Provider of the management software called ACCPAC and related complementary products and on that basis installs the software, trains its users and provides ongoing assistance to the users company.

Still within the IT systems field,MD Consultores is also recognised as partner of MICROSOFT, thus being authorised to market the products of this company and also to offer training courses related to the application of its products. MD Consultores, Lda can also hold and manage investments in corporate ventures of other fields in partnership with other investors or independently


Advise managers and directors in the selection of the most adequate management options for their size and business, taking into account the internal and external environment where they operate, as well as on how to build capacity within them and assist them in the implementation of adopted options.


Be a corporate group of nationwide reference in the provision of consultancy services of excellent quality in the fields of management, training and management of investments.

In the carrying out of its mission, MD Consultores Lda is guided by the following fundamental values:
  • Honesty
  • Moral and ethical integrity
  • Respect of different opinions, values and cultures
  • Participation